5 backup plans for UFC 303 in case Conor McGregor pulls out  

The UFC is no stranger to high-stakes events and the potential for last-minute changes, especially when it comes to headline fighters like Conor McGregor.  

One of the most straightforward solutions would be to replace McGregor with another top-tier fighter. Dustin Poirier, Justin Gaethje, or Charles Oliveira could step in, given their proven drawing power and exciting fighting styles.  

If McGregor pulls out, elevating a co-main event featuring another popular fighter or a title bout could save the card. For instance, if there’s a championship fight on the card, promoting it to the main event would maintain the prestige and interest of the event.  

Introducing an interim title fight could add significant stakes to the replacement bout, ensuring fans remain engaged. 

Bringing in a celebrity or crossover fight can also generate buzz. For example, athletes from other sports or high-profile celebrities who have trained in MMA could step in for an exhibition match.  

In case a headline fight loses its main star, bolstering fan engagement activities can help retain interest. The UFC could host interactive fan events, Q&A sessions with other fighters, and behind-the-scenes content leading up to the fight night. 

Enhancing the overall event experience for both in-person and remote viewers can mitigate the impact of a high-profile pullout. 

These backup plans ensure that UFC 303 remains a must-watch event, even in the absence of a superstar like Conor McGregor. By preparing alternative high-stakes matchups, enhancing fan engagement, and potentially introducing novelty elements.

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