A Conscientious Concierge: Charon's Place in John Wick's Realm.

John Wick, the stoic assassin from the film series of the same name, is defined by his unwavering commitment to the Code, an unwritten set of rules governing the assassin underworld.

This adherence transcends mere respect for tradition; it serves as John's moral compass in a world devoid of conventional law. 

The Code dictates everything from conduct during contracts (assassinations) to conflict resolution between assassins. 

John's unflinching loyalty to the Code is a testament to his past life and a source of his strength. It shapes his actions, even when they put him at a disadvantage. 

This unwavering adherence has several consequences. It grants John a reputation for reliability and predictability, making him a sought-after assassin. 

The flip side of the coin is that it makes him stiff and unforgiving, which regularly puts him in situations that are dangerous.  

A complicated aspect of John's personality is the fact that he follows the Code to the letter. As well as being a source of power for him, it is also a burden that he must bear.  

In spite of the fact that the world around him is undergoing transformation, he has made this oath, which demonstrates his commitment to a bygone era of honor among assassins.  

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