A preview of Tom Holland's future projects, including films and roles, is available here.  

"Uncharted" (2022): Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake in this anticipated action-adventure film based on the blockbuster video game franchise. Holland plays Drake, a youthful treasure hunter, in the film.

Tom Holland returns as Spider-Man in "Spider-Man: No Way Home" (2021). Holland's Spider-Man will confront new obstacles and link up with old friends in the universe.

"Chaos Walking" (2021): Holland and Daisy Ridley feature in this Patrick Ness-based sci-fi adventure. Holland's character explores and survives in a bleak world where all species can hear one other.

The Russo Brothers, directors of multiple Marvel flicks, will work with Tom Holland on an untitled feature. The film's details are unknown, but fans are excited to see Holland work with the famed directors again.

Holland's performance in Netflix's "The Devil All the Time" was well-received, prompting curiosity about a sequel. Holland may return to this dark and atmospheric thriller if a sequel is released.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's main player Tom Holland may appear in more Marvel productions beyond "Spider-Man: No Way Home." Fans may expect Holland to reprise Spider-Man in standalone, team-up, and Disney+ features.

Tom Holland has stated interest in playing a variety of personalities and genres in addition to his blockbuster roles. Fans may expect him to play dramatic, humorous, and action parts in future films.

Passion Projects & Collaborations: Holland loves stories and seeks out creative challenges. Fans should expect him to work with brilliant filmmakers and pursue projects he cares about when he becomes a Hollywood star.  

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