Aaron Rodgers' passing accuracy, mobility, and field decision-making have changed over time.  

Passing Accuracy Evolution: Aaron Rodgers has routinely led the league in completion percentage. He used his arm power to make challenging field throws early in his career.   

Rodgers has improved his short and intermediate accuracy and pass precision as he has grown, increasing his mechanics and decision-making.  

Improvement in movement: Rodgers' style has changed despite his athleticism and pocket movement. Early in his career, he used mobility to extend plays and create downfield opportunities.   

Rodgers has modified his game to save his health and use his mobility wisely as he has matured and been injured. He has improved at maneuvering the pocket, buying time for receivers, and avoiding pressure, balancing movement and pocket presence.  

Field Decisions: Rodgers' career success has been built on his field decisions. Early on, he took risks and threw aggressively, resulting in big plays and fumbles.  

Rodgers has improved his pass selection and turnover reduction over time. He reads defenses, anticipates pressure, and finds open receivers, reducing mistakes and improving offensive drives.

Rodgers has adjusted to defensive changes as opposition defenders have developed tactics to offset his skills. His career has been marked by his ability to diagnose defensive coverages, audible into advantageous plays, and exploit mismatches.  

Utilization of Weapons: Rodgers' quick decisions and ball distribution to his playmakers have helped him succeed. His career has been marked by good chemistry.  

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