Aaron Rodgers's personal life is outlined in this article, which also includes his interests, hobbies, and background.  

Aaron Rodgers was born in Chico, California, on December 2, 1983. After Chico's Pleasant Valley High School, he played collegiate football at Butte Community collegiate and Berkeley.  

His parents are Edward Wesley and Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers. His brothers are Luke and Jordan Rodgers, the latter of whom plays football and became famous on reality TV.  

Professional football career: Rodgers is best recognized for his successful quarterback career. The Packers chose him in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft and have kept him for most of his career. He won a Super Bowl and multiple NFL MVP honors.  

Rodgers has several passions outside of football. He loves music, especially vintage rock. He also enjoys photography and travel, posting photographs on social media.  

Rodgers is active in charity and community work. He has supported children cancer, disaster relief, and education. Aaron Rodgers founded the Aaron Rodgers Foundation, which gives scholarships and awards for youth development.  

Rodgers is known for his health and wellness efforts. He follows a stringent diet and training program to stay healthy and play football. His public statements emphasize mental health awareness and self-care.

Rodgers' high-profile partnerships have garnered attention. After dating Olivia Munn for years, they split in 2017. His relationship with Shailene Woodley began in recent years.  

On and off the field, Rodgers is smart, witty, and confident. He shows his personality in interviews, appearances, and social media posts with his dry humor.  

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