Activism for the Environment: Kevin Costner's Conservation & Sustainability Initiatives.  

Costner co-founded oil spill remediation technology company Ocean Therapy Solutions. Costner's centrifuge was used in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil spill, showing his environmental awareness.  

Costner funds solar and wind power. Sustainable energy options that reduce fossil fuel use help him fight climate change.  

Costner protects land, especially in California, his home. He supported endangered animals, conservation, and sustainable land management groups.

Costner raises environmental awareness through his public presence. Environmental protection on climate change, pollution, and biodiversity is his goal.  

Conservation: Costner supports water conservation programs. He advocates sustainable water management to reduce water scarcity and pollution.  

Education: Costner educates about environmental responsibility. He supports environmental education and proactive protection.  

Costner gives and volunteers for environmental initiatives. He financially and actively supports environmental, sustainability, and conservation groups.

Innovative solutions: Costner has funded environmental projects. He fund research and development for sustainable solutions for people and the planet.  

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