Alicia Keys plays a pivotal role as an advocate and mentor for young musicians.  

Mentoring Through "The Voice": As a coach on "The Voice," Alicia Keys has mentored young singers, giving them advice, support, and input to help them flourish in the music industry.

Keys supports young artists, especially underrepresented ones, with her platform and influence. She actively promotes diversity and inclusivity in the music industry and supports brilliant young musicians from diverse backgrounds.

The "She Is the Music" Project: Alicia Keys co-founded the "She Is the Music" program to help female musicians, songwriters, and producers gain resources, support, and chances. Keys mentors and promotes female talent with this initiative.  

Encouragement of Self-Expression: Keys encourages young musicians to be themselves and follow their musical ideals. She stresses sincerity and honesty in engaging with people and contributing to the industry.  

Promoting Creative Collaboration: Keys encourages young musicians to collaborate with each other and with veteran performers. She promotes musician community and learning from each other to thrive as artists.  

Empowering Through Education: Keys loves education and has supported music education and mentorship programs for youth. She thinks music education empowers kids and boosts creativity and self-esteem.  

Leading by Example: Alicia Keys, a successful performer and industry veteran, shows endurance, determination, and greatness in her work. Her story inspires young musicians that everything is achievable with hard work, ability, and dedication.

Social Justice: Keys promotes equality and social justice in addition to music mentoring. She inspires young musicians to utilize their voices and talents for good by raising awareness of key topics and advocating for positive change.  

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