Andrew Wiggins' Pre-Game Rituals and Superstitions.

Andrew Wiggins, like many athletes, likely has pre-game rituals and superstitions that he follows to help him prepare mentally and physically for games.  

However, specific details about Wiggins' personal rituals and superstitions are not widely known or publicly disclosed. 

Many athletes have routines or habits they perform before games, such as listening to specific music, visualizing success, performing certain stretches or warm-up exercises, eating specific foods, or wearing lucky items of clothing.  

Superstitions can vary widely among players and may include behaviors like stepping onto the court in a certain way, wearing a specific pair of socks, or following a particular routine before tip-off. 

Green is not only a vocal leader on the court but also in the locker room and on the sidelines. He holds himself and his teammates accountable, providing vocal guidance, encouragement, and constructive criticism when necessary. 

Green's intensity and passion are especially pronounced in high-stakes playoff games, where he consistently elevates his performance and rises to the occasion. He thrives under pressure, delivering clutch plays, defensive stops, and emotional leadership when it matters most. 

Without specific information from Wiggins himself or his teammates, coaches, or trainers, it's difficult to say exactly what pre-game rituals or superstitions he may have.  

These routines are often personal and can be deeply ingrained in an athlete's routine, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity before competition. 

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