Anthology of Tim McGraw's Most Popular Songs: The Stories and Inspirations Behind Them.  

This 2004 song became an anthem for living completely. Inspiration: It was inspired by co-writer Tim Nichols' friend's life-threatening illness and muses on living each day to the fullest. "Don't Take the Girl" :

McGraw's 1994 album Not a Moment Too Soon's touching ballad. Inspiration: Written by Craig Martin and Larry W. Johnson, the song follows Johnny, a boy, and his relationship with a girl from childhood to adulthood, and explores love and sacrifice.

Story: 2016 song promotes kindness and humility. Motherhood inspired Lori McKenna's writing. McGraw dedicated the lesson to his daughters and stressed gracious living.  

This love song was included on McGraw's 1999 A Place in the Sun album. The song, written by Bill Luther and Aimee Mayo, conveys genuine love and teamwork, representing McGraw's marriage to Faith Hill.  

Story: A 1997 hit with Faith Hill from Everywhere. Inspiration: Stephony Smith's passionate duet describes McGraw and Hill's chemistry and affection, becoming one of their signature songs.  

From 1999's A Place in the Sun, a nostalgic song. Inspiration: Written by Rick Ferrell and Keith Follesé, the song recalls a summer romance and childhood recollections, touching listeners who also appreciate former romances.  

It became one of McGraw's longest-running number-one country singles, released in 1997. Inspiration: This Mark Nesler and Tony Martin song about a man who will do anything to make his loved one happy emphasizes unconditional love and selflessness.  

Stories: His 2009 album's title single praises Southern culture and history. Inspiration: "Southern Voice" by Bob DiPiero and Tom Douglas honors Southern icons and individuals, embodying McGraw's homeland pride and enthusiasm.  

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