Charity work is just the beginning of what Sasha Alexander does for a living.

Acting Career: Sasha Alexander is famous for her acting. In "NCIS," she played Caitlin Todd, and in "Rizzoli & Isles," she played Dr. Maura Isles.

Alexander also produces. She can affect the creative process and contribute differently to the entertainment industry.  

Alex has also tried directing, adding to her entertainment career. She shapes project narratives and visuals in this function.  

Alexandra is very involved with charity. She uses her fame to help many charities.

Alexander raises awareness and encourages others to get active in social concerns outside her nonprofit activities.

Entrepreneurship: Alexander may invest in or develop firms that match her values.  

Public Speaking: She speaks and participates on panels on career and philanthropy.  

Writing: Although less well-known, Alexander may write scripts, articles, or other works to contribute to the conversation.  

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