Commercial ventures and investments are part of Kevin Costner's life outside of performing.  

Ocean Therapy Solutions has a centrifugal oil-water separator, which Costner invested in. This device earned notice in 2010 for its usage in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup.  

Costner owned The Midnight Star Casino and Restaurant in Deadwood, South Dakota. The popular casino, decorated with his cinematic memorabilia, closed in 2017.  

Costner Industries Nevada Corporation: This company develops and sells water purification and oil separation technology.

Film Production Companies: Costner produced films. After founding Tig Productions and Treehouse Films in 1989, he had more creative autonomy and financial stake in his films.

Costner has invested much in real estate. His investments include beachside California residences and a magnificent ranch in Aspen, Colorado. His investments have diversified his income and increased his fortune.

Energy Drink Business: Costner co-founded "Blue 44," a healthy energy drink firm. This enterprise shows his interest in numerous business opportunities.  

Career and Band: Costner fronts country rock band Kevin Costner & Modern West. His music profession, which includes touring and album production, boosts his revenue and brand.

Beyond Ocean Therapy Solutions, Costner has invested and advocated for environmental causes. His interest in green technologies shows his commitment to making a difference outside the entertainment sector.  

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