Compare DeAndre Hopkins' style, stats, and achievements to elite wide receivers.  

Draymond Green'

Precise route running, physicality, and outstanding ball skills define Hopkins' game. He possesses an exceptional ability to win contested catches and makes easy catches in tight spaces.

In close quarters, he can outmuscle defenders and bring the ball down thanks to his stature, speed, and control of his body.

In addition to his versatility, Hopkins is renowned for his ability to line up outside or in the slot, and for creating space with his deft footwork and delicate motions.

Hopkins has routinely been one of the best receivers in the league for most of his career, finishing in the top tier for receptions, yards, and touchdowns.

He has a history of seasons in which he caught at least ten touchdown passes and more than 1,000 receiving yards.

Hopkins' dependability and ability to make big plays are highlighted by his high catch rate and yards per reception.

Hopkins has been named to the Pro Bowl multiple times and to the All-Pro team various times throughout his career.  

Throughout the regular season and into the playoffs, Hopkins has been an indispensable playmaker, assisting his team in winning moments with key receptions.  

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