Considering the honor and morals of John Wick in the face of brutality.  

John Wick has a rigid code of behavior based on honor and loyalty. Despite being a former assassin, he stays true to his beliefs even in dangerous situations.

Wick's actions throughout the series are fueled by a passion for justice and retaliation for fundamental violations. He follows his morals when pursuing revenge for a loved one's death or safeguarding the innocent.  

Respect for Professionalism: Wick respects professionalism and expects it from others in his line of work. He enforces contracts and holds dishonest professionals accountable.  

Wick uses violence to protect himself and his loved ones, despite his lethal skills. His motives are duty and responsibility, not bloodlust.

Wick protects the innocent out of compassion. He cares for individuals caught in his disputes and minimizes collateral damage.

Wick follows stringent combat standards, stressing efficiency and precision above unnecessary violence. He avoids unnecessary deaths and only kills when required.

Honoring Friendships and Alliances: Wick builds significant relationships with characters who share his ideals throughout the series. For those he trusts, he will do anything to protect them.

Wick is self-aware and has personal integrity despite being a powerful assassin. He struggles with his previous transgressions and seeks redemption, trying to follow his moral compass.  

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