Dennis Rodman's Rebounding Revolution  How he changed rebounding for generations.

The scorer known as "The Worm," Dennis Rodman, was not your normal scorer. It was not the tallest or the strongest person in the room.  

He was a persistent force on the court, and during his career, he redefined what it meant to be a rebounder. Despite this, he was a relentless force.  

Rodman's genius lay in hustle and anticipation. He mastered the art of "boxing out," securing prime position before the shot. His constant movement kept him in the heart of the rebound battle, anticipating where the miss would land.

Unlike others who relied solely on jumping, Rodman used his tireless energy and savvy footwork to outwork opponents. 

The results were staggering. He won a record-breaking seven straight rebounding titles, at times grabbing more offensive rebounds than his team attempted field goals. This dominance wasn't just about individual stats.

Rodman's relentless pursuit of every loose ball gave his teams a crucial second chance on offense and stifled opponents' fast breaks. 

Rodman's impact transcended his era. He inspired a generation of players to prioritize rebounding, understanding it as a vital, not secondary, skill.  

His legacy lives on in the emphasis placed on securing the boards and the relentless hustle that defines a true rebounding champion. 

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