Deconstruct Julio Urías' pitching mechanics, repertoire, and batter-handling methods.

Draymond Green'

Urías' consistent and effective pitching ability stems from his clean and repeatable mechanics. 

A balanced leg kick and smooth arm action accompany his controlled wind-up and delivery. This gives him power and velocity while controlling his throws.

Urías' compact delivery minimizes motion and enhances efficiency in repeating mechanics pitch after pitch. 

He delivers a nasty changeup with deceptive arm speed and late fading movement to complement his fastball. This pitch works well against righties.

Urías uses a curveball as a supplementary breaking pitch, presenting a unique look and unpredictable sequencing for hitters. 

Urías exhibits superb pitch command and sequencing, effectively varying his pitches to keep hitters guessing and disrupt their timing. 

 Urías is adept at adjusting his approach based on the strengths and weaknesses of opposing hitters, exploiting their vulnerabilities and capitalizing on favorable matchups.

He demonstrates poise and composure on the mound, maintaining focus and executing his game plan even in high-pressure situations, such as late-game scenarios or postseason matchups.

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