Difficulties and problems that Alicia and her colleagues faced on the job.   

Excessive Workload: It's possible that Alicia and her coworkers faced a mountain of work that caused them stress, exhaustion, and trouble juggling all of their duties.

Pressure to Meet Strict Deadlines: In order to complete assignments on time, they had to work extremely efficiently.

Alicia and her coworkers may have faced challenges in carrying out their duties due to a lack of resources, including personnel, tools, or money.

Problems with Communication: Misunderstandings, delays, and inefficiencies in accomplishing tasks and projects may have resulted from poor communication either within the team or with management.  

Conflict and Tension: Workplace morale, collaboration, and production were all hit hard by the interpersonal conflicts and tensions they met.

Managers may have caused Alicia and her coworkers stress and confusion by setting goals that were not clear or providing them with adequate information.

Problems with software, hardware, or systems forced them to halt their productivity and engage in troubleshooting in order to get things back on track.  

Feelings of tiredness and dissatisfaction ensued as a result of the difficulties in balancing job obligations with personal responsibilities and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

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