Draymond Green's off-court activities include philanthropy, lobbying, and community service.  

Social Justice Advocacy: Green uses his platform to promote social justice. He fights racial injustice, police brutality, and systemic inequity and participates in social justice reform conversations.  

Community Outreach activities: Green supports his community through outreach activities. He has organized basketball camps, mentorship programs, and other events to inspire youngsters and develop personally and professionally.  

Green has participated in NBA Cares community service and outreach projects as a notable NBA player. Basketball clinics, hospital visits, and charitable fundraisers have been his NBA Cares volunteer work.  

Philanthropy: Green donates to improve society. Education, youth development, and health and wellness charities have received his donations.  

Green has utilized his platform for lobbying and political engagement. He has advocated for gun violence prevention, environmental protection, and education reform through legislation and policy.  

Entrepreneurship: Green has invested in non-basketball ventures. He supports innovative technological, media, and consumer product enterprises with his business expertise and resources.  

Green promotes education and supports programs to improve quality education for marginalized communities. He has donated to schools, provided scholarships, and engaged in student learning activities.  

Green advocates for environmental sustainability and conservation. His environmental advocacy includes safeguarding natural resources, lowering carbon emissions, and encouraging renewable energy.  

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