Emphasize Tom Holland's engagement with charity groups and causes through his philanthropic work.  

Tom, Harry, and Sam Holland formed The Brothers Trust. This foundation raises money for humanitarian, environmental, and artistic reasons.  

Holland is a passionate supporter of children's hospitals and healthcare groups. He visits hospitals to cheer up children and raise awareness of pediatric healthcare.  

Ambassador for The Lunchbox Fund: Holland represents the NGO that feeds South African schoolchildren. His involvement raises awareness and funding for kid hunger and education.  

Holland is committed to environmental conservation and sustainability. He has raised climate change awareness and pushed his supporters to conserve the world.  

Holland has spoken out against bullying and supported anti-bullying efforts. His work increases awareness of bullying and encourages kindness and empathy among youth.  

Holland has advocated for mental health awareness and destigmatization. He has shared personal experiences and encouraged open discussions about mental health challenges, inspiring others to get treatment.  

Holland's Make-A-Wish Foundation has fulfilled desires and brought joy to young fans with terrible diseases. His contacts with wish recipients show his commitment to helping others.  

Holland has sponsored humanitarian assistance efforts after natural disasters and worldwide crises. His donations benefit communities in need, showing his dedication to aiding the struggling.  

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