English, French, and American Bulldogs: A Brief Overview of the Three Main Breeds.  

English bulldogs were originally developed for bull-baiting, which was forbidden in 1835. After the ban, breeders created the current English Bulldog, a more docile and friendly dog.  

The gentle and lovable English Bulldog is loyal, friendly, and nice with children and other pets. They are peaceful and low-energy, making them good indoor pets.  

Lace workers introduced little English Bulldogs to France in the 19th century, which became French Bulldogs. These dogs were bred with native French breeds to create the French Bulldog's appearance and disposition.  

French Bulldogs are friendly and playful. They make terrific companions because they are amiable and social. Their playful attitude makes them fun family members and good with kids and other pets.  

American Bulldogs are descended from English Bulldogs brought to America by immigrants in the 17th and 18th centuries. They were originally agricultural dogs bred for strength, agility, and guarding.  

English and French Bulldogs are smaller and less athletic than American Bulldogs. They are muscular, have large heads, and have longer muzzles. Their short, white coat may have brindle, brown, or black patches.  

American Bulldogs are devoted, protective, and confident. They're active and need exercise. Strong work ethic and protective attitude make them good working dogs and family protectors.

American Bulldogs can develop hip, elbow, and skin disorders. Maintaining their health requires regular exercise, a balanced diet, and veterinary checkups.  

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