For Rizzoli & Isles' seventh and final season, Sasha Alexander crosses something off her bucket list.   

Sasha Alexander went in a new direction on Monday, as the TNT drama's director, after seven seasons on Rizzoli & Isles.  

The actress was chosen to direct a particularly noteworthy episode. Instead, the bombshell that Dr. Maura Isles was briefly married to wealthy youngster Edward Dunn (Kristifer Polaha of Life Unexpected) will break on Monday's "For Richer or Poorer" (9/8c).  

Alexander chatted with TVLine about her directing debut, the maturation of Maura and Jane over seven years, what she'll miss most about the actors, and the "morbid" prop she brought home, with just three episodes left in the series' life.  

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After finishing film school at USC with a focus on directing, I dabbled in producing short films and other projects, but acting took precedence. The option to direct the program was in the contract from Season 2, so I knew I wanted to do it.   

However, with each passing season, they came up with a new excuse not to let me! He lets out a laugh. There's scheduling, and it's really difficult to arrange things such that we can be "light" in the episode before so that we have time to prepare.  

Being able to collaborate with everyone behind the scenes was a really motivating, enlightening, and entertaining experience for me. As an actor, I've really missed that aspect of working with others.  

It's far more isolated, and I attended film school in part to develop my abilities in the shadows. The eight days of preparation and shooting for Rizzoli & IslesTV are incredibly intense; there aren't many takes, so everyone has to think on their feet and make snap judgments.  

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