From Bell-Bottoms to Billboards: Tommy Hilfiger’s Journey 

Born in Elmira, New York, Tommy Hilfiger’s early life in the 1960s set the foundation for his future design inspirations. 

In 1969, Hilfiger sold bell-bottom jeans from his car, leading to the opening of his first store, People’s Place. 

In 1979, Hilfiger moved to New York City to become a full-time fashion designer, catching the eye of businessman Mohan Murjani. 

With Murjani's support, Hilfiger’s first collection debuted in 1985, modernizing classics like button-down shirts and chinos. 

The bold Times Square “Hangman” billboard in 1985, created by George Lois, put Hilfiger’s name in the fashion spotlight. 

In the 1990s, Hilfiger blended fashion with music and entertainment, collaborating with celebrities and sponsoring tours for artists like Britney Spears and The Rolling Stones.

The brand grew into a global lifestyle powerhouse, acquired by PVH Corp. in 2010, with Hilfiger continuing as Principal Designer. 

Hilfiger supported young designers through initiatives like “Americans in Paris” and founded The Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation in 1995, focusing on youth empowerment and education. 

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