Influence of Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok on NFL Fan Engagement on Social Media.  

Instant Communication: NFL players, teams, and fans can communicate instantly on social media, building camaraderie and immediacy.  

Personal Branding: Instagram and TikTok players share behind-the-scenes content, personal accomplishments, and trends to connect with followers.  

Visual Storytelling: Instagram's high-quality photographs and videos let teams and players to create fascinating stories, strengthening fan connections.  

Viral Content: TikTok fosters innovative, viral content, helping teams and players engage younger audiences with interesting, shareable videos.  

Fan Participation: Social media allows fans to join in conversations, challenges, and trends, making them more involved.  

Exclusive Content: Behind-the-scenes footage, training sessions, and personal stories from teams and players increase fan loyalty and interest.  

Community Building: Twitter and Instagram hashtags, live streaming, and interactive posts help fans bond over similar interests.  

Social media has changed the fan experience from passive viewing to active participation, with fans participating in debates, generating fan art, and even influencing team choices through polls and feedback.  

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