Initiatives taken by Dennis to improve his academic standing and employment prospects.  

Academic Advising and Counseling: Dennis worked with academic advisors and counselors to craft an academic improvement plan. These experts give personalized guidance, course recommendations, and academic help.  

Study Groups and Tutoring: Dennis attended study groups and tutoring sessions to help him understand difficult ideas. Working with peers and tutors can boost course comprehension.

Workshops: Dennis attended workshops and seminars to improve his study, time, organization, and critical thinking skills. These workshops can help him learn better by providing academic success techniques.

Activities: Dennis participated in extracurriculars linked to his major or career. Clubs, organisations, and volunteering can show his passion, leadership, and dedication to personal and professional progress.

Dennis sought academic and career-related internships, co-ops, and part-time jobs. Work experience in his field can boost his resume, abilities, and network.  

Professional development seminars: Dennis attended conferences and workshops to learn about industry trends, network with colleagues, and explore career options. These possibilities expose him to the employment market and bring him up to date on his field.

Services: Dennis used academic or external career counseling services to explore job alternatives, assess his talents and interests, and create a personalized career action plan. Career counselors help with job search, resume writing, interviewing, and career choices.

Through informational interviews, networking events, and LinkedIn, Dennis networked with industry people. Industry connections can lead to mentorship, job referrals, and career insights.  

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