Inside Chrissy Teigen's Career Evolution: From Runway to Television 

Chrissy Teigen began her career as a model, rising to fame with her debut in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010. 

Transitioning seamlessly from the runway to television, Teigen charmed audiences as a briefcase model on "Deal or No Deal. 

Teigen's television journey expanded with hosting gigs, where her infectious energy and quick wit shone brightly 

Beyond hosting, Teigen showcased her keen insights and engaging personality as a judge on popular competition series. 

Teigen's role as co-host of "Lip Sync Battle" alongside LL Cool J cemented her status as a television favorite, bringing humor and glamour to each episode. 

Teigen's passion for cooking and food culminated in bestselling cookbooks, solidifying her as a respected culinary expert. 

Throughout her career, Teigen has embraced authenticity and transparency, captivating audiences with her down-to-earth charm. 

As Teigen continues to explore new opportunities in the entertainment industry, her star power and influence remain undeniable, ensuring her enduring presence on screens and bookshelves alike. 

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