Ja Morant's Game: How It Has Changed and How He Is Still Changing It in the NBA.  

Explosive Athleticism: Morant entered the NBA with incredible dunks and quickness. He's improved his game by emphasizing efficiency over athleticism.

Improved Shooting: Morant's shooting was initially questionable, but he's improved. Defenders must respect his mid-range and beyond-the-arc shot now that he's more consistent.

Playmaking: Morant's court vision and passing have always been strengths, but he's become a floor general. He can now manipulate opponents with his passes, creating chances for teammates.

Defense: Morant is defending more, despite not being his main focus. His lateral quickness and anticipation have improved, resulting in more steals and defensive disruptions.

Leadership: Morant leads on and off the court as a young player. His teammates and coaches praise him for his vocality and leadership.

Morant excels in key situations. He excels under duress, hitting game-winning baskets or making important plays.

Morant can adapt to his team's needs. He'll score, assist, or defend to help his team win.

Continued Growth: Morant is still young and can improve his skills. His relentless pursuit of improvement makes him a terrifying opponent.  

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