Kelly Reilly's Top Film Picks and the Ideas They Laid Out.  

"Eden Lake" (2008): Reilly plays a teacher targeted by violent teens while camping. Social class, youth violence, and society breakdown are explored in the film, showing the terrible effects of unbridled anger and bitterness.

In "Pride & Prejudice" (2005), Reilly plays Caroline Bingley. This film explores class, marriage, and cultural expectations, highlighting the struggles of 19th-century English women and the complexities of romantic relationships.

"Flight" (2012): This drama about addiction and redemption stars Reilly as Denzel Washington's love interest Nicole. Personal responsibility, moral ambiguity, and redemption are explored in the film, forcing spectators to confront difficult questions regarding accountability and forgiveness.  

The action-packed "Sherlock Holmes" (2009) stars Reilly as Dr. John Watson's love interest, Mary Morstan. Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigate a series of inexplicable crimes in Victorian London, exploring friendship, loyalty, and justice.  

"Calvary" (2014): Reilly transforms into Fiona Lavelle, the daughter of a troubled parishioner, in this darkly humorous drama about faith and forgiveness. As a good-hearted priest struggles with his parishioners' crimes and his religion, the film addresses guilt, atonement, and human nature.  

A widow opens a risqué London theater during World War II in "Mrs Henderson Presents" (2005), starring Reilly as Maureen. It depicts wartime London with optimism and tackles themes of resilience, creativity, and the power of art to overcome misfortune.

"The Libertine" (2004): Reilly plays Jane, the wife of Johnny Depp's sinister Earl of Rochester. The video provocatively depicts 17th-century English libertine culture through hedonism, artistic expression, and freedom.  

In "Black Box" (2020), Reilly plays Lilian, a psychological thriller about memory loss and identity. As a lady battles with trauma, identity, and consciousness after a tragedy and the discovery of her past, the film addresses these issues.  

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