Kevin Costner has established chemistry onscreen with a number of his co-stars.  

Susan Sarandon in 1988's "Bull Durham" Costner and Sarandon's baseball romantic comedy-drama was unforgettable. Their rapport helped the film's longevity and critical acclaim.

Whitney Houston in "The Bodyguard" (1992): Costner's stoic bodyguard to Houston's pop star made an outstanding pairing. Their dynamic connection enriched the film's story and helped it succeed at the box office.

Mary McDonnell in 1990's "Dances with Wolves" In this epic western, Costner and McDonnell played a captivating love story. Their connection made the picture popular and led to its Best Picture Oscar win.  

"Open Range" (2003): Annette Bening Costner and Bening have a sweet, genuine relationship in this western. Their emotionally powerful performances boosted the film's impact.  

Diane Lane in "Man of Steel" (2013) and "Let Him Go" (2020): Costner and Lane bonded well as Superman's adoptive parents in "Man of Steel." They returned for "Let Him Go," when their chemistry as a marriage battling a family crisis was a highlight.  

Rene Russo in "Tin Cup" (1996): Costner and Russo's humorous and passionate exchanges made this golf-themed romantic comedy a highlight of Costner's career.

Amy Madigan in 1989's "Field of Dreams" Costner and Madigan played a realistic and supporting married pair in this fantasy drama. Their bond gave the film emotional weight, making it a classic.  

Madeline Carroll, "Swing Vote" (2008): Costner and Carroll played a charming father-daughter combo in this political comedy-drama. Their chemistry gave the picture its emotional center, making their performances stand out.  

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