Lainey Wilson's Songs: The Meaning and Story Behind the Lyrics.   

The song "Things a Man Oughta Know" advises men on life's fundamentals, from changing a tire to loving truly. In a partnership, respect and understanding are crucial.  

"Dirty Looks": "Dirty Looks" describes the magnetic pull of attraction between two people, even when they realize it's dumb. According to the lyrics, giving in to temptation despite the consequences is thrilling and dangerous.  

"LA": Wilson sings on Los Angeles' charm and hardships of dreaming. The song juxtaposes Hollywood glitter with the loneliness and anguish of being away from home to show the truth of entertainment industry success.  

"Rolling Stone" depicts a musician's nomadic existence of roaming and adventure. This song expresses freedom and independence while acknowledging the costs and uncertainties of traveling.

"WWDD" (What Would Dolly Do): This song honors Dolly Parton's integrity, grace, and resilience. Dolly's tenacity and cheerfulness in the face of adversity are encouraged in the lyrics.

The song "Small Town, Girl" recalls Wilson's rural Louisiana childhood. The song expresses the joys and values of small-town living while realizing the drawbacks of staying put.

"Neon Diamonds": Set in a honky-tonk bar, "Neon", explores love and desire. Lyrics depict neon lights, dancing couples, and a night out on the town.  

"Pipe": One dedicated woman takes pride in her oil rig profession. This song honors her sacrifices and hails her courage, tenacity, and resolve to thrive in a male-dominated business.  

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