Pros and Cons of NFL Running Back Ezekiel Elliott's Method of Play.  

Draymond Green'

Pro: Elliott's tough rushing style lets him break tackles and gain yards after contact, giving him a potent short-yardage and goal-line threat.  

Pro: Elliott can succeed in several running systems. His ability to run between the tackles, bounce outside, and catch passes from the backfield gives him offensive versatility.  

Pro: Elliott can pick up blitzes and protect the quarterback. His ability to spot and stop pass rushers improves his team's passing game and quarterback protection.  

Pro: Elliott has a history of significant workloads and durability. He is a team workhorse back because he can play well over numerous seasons.  

Elliott's hard running technique is great, but it can cause body wear and tear over time. Hits and contact may raise injury risk or health issues.  

Con: Elliott's tendency to endure contact to gain yardage can lead to unnecessary hits and turnovers, such as defenders targeting the football.  

Con: Elliott has good acceleration and speed for a running back, but he may lack the burst and breakaway speed of other running backs, limiting his ability to break off big touchdown runs or outrun defenders.  

Con: Elliott's running ability depends on his offensive line. He may struggle to find running lanes and gain yardage against strong defensive fronts or blocking failures, lowering his production.  

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