Sasha Alexander's Advocacy: Bring attention to the many organizations and causes that she has supported.  

Sasha Alexander has advocated for The Thirst Project, a nonprofit that provides clean water to impoverished people worldwide. She has raised money and awareness for the global water crisis.  

Alexander has worked with The Rape Foundation, which helps sexual assault and abuse survivors. She has attended fundraising events and spoken out against sexual abuse and supported survivors.

Global Green: Sasha Alexander supports Global Green, a climate change and sustainability group. She promotes green living and eco-friendly projects.

Stand Up To Cancer: Alexander supports the nonprofit program that funds collaborative cancer research. She has raised money for cancer research through PSAs and fundraising activities.

Sasha Alexander supports The Trevor Project, a group that helps LGBTQ+ kids with crisis intervention and suicide prevention. Her advocacy for LGBTQ+ youth and inclusiveness has been vocal.

Alexander supports the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ+ civil rights group in the US. She has promoted LGBTQ+ rights and attended events.

Sasha Alexander supports Planned Parenthood, a reproductive health care group. She has advocated for inexpensive, comprehensive reproductive health care.

Animal Welfare: Alexander supports animal rights and welfare organizations. Her platform has promoted responsible pet ownership and animal cruelty awareness.  

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