The Evolution of Julio Urías' Pitching Arsenal and Techniques 

Julio Urías, born on August 12, 1996, in Culiacán, Mexico, has established himself as one of Major League Baseball's most dynamic pitchers.  

His evolution as a pitcher is a testament to his dedication, adaptability, and the refinement of his pitching arsenal and techniques. 

Urías was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers at just 16 years old, quickly becoming one of the most promising young talents in baseball. Early in his career, Urías relied heavily on his fastball, which could touch the mid-90s, and a devastating curveball that baffled hitters with its sharp break.  

As Urías progressed through the minor leagues and into the major leagues, he began to diversify his pitching arsenal. Recognizing the need to keep hitters off balance, he developed a slider and a changeup, both of which became crucial components of his repertoire. 

The slider, with its lateral movement, provided a different look from his curveball, while the changeup, with its deceptive speed and movement, allowed him to effectively neutralize right-handed batters. 

One of the key elements of Urías' evolution has been his ability to command all his pitches effectively.  

Early in his career, control issues occasionally plagued him, but through diligent work and refinement, he has become adept at placing his pitches precisely where he wants them.  

This improvement in control has made his fastball and off-speed pitches even more effective, as hitters struggle to anticipate what he will throw next. 

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