The Golden Retriever Breed: From Scottish Origins to Loved Family Pets.  

The mid-19th-century Golden Retriever came from Scotland. The breed was created by marrying Nous, a yellow retriever, with Belle, a Tweed Water Spaniel. These hunting dogs are friendly and adaptable.

Waterfowl and upland game retrieval were early breeding goals for Golden Retrievers. The breed requires power, athleticism, and a soft mouth to capture game safely. Their heavy, water-resistant clothes were needed in the Scottish Highlands.  

To increase hunting, temperament, and attractiveness, Golden Retrievers were selectively bred for years. Golden Retrievers are smart, loyal, and gregarious due to Bloodhound and Irish Setter breeding.  

Golden Retrievers were recognized by the UK Kennel Club in 1913. 1925 saw AKC follow. The breed's sweetness and work ethic made it popular soon among hunters and families.  

By the mid-20th century, hunting dogs' Golden Retrievers became adored pets. Friendship, tolerance, and love made them ideal housemates. Suburban US and international homes favored them.  

Smart, trainable, and gentle, Golden Retrievers are great for service and therapy work. Hospital, school, and nursing home guide, aid, and therapy dogs are frequent.  

Obedience, agility, and field trials suit golden retrievers. They show their flexibility beyond hunting in these sports with their athleticism, intelligence, and determination to please.

Globally, Golden Retrievers are popular dogs. They are valued by families, professionals, and dog enthusiasts worldwide for their intelligence, adaptability, and friendliness. Service, therapy, and loyalty are the breed's strengths.  

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