Draymond Green: Defensive Mastermind—His strategies and impact.

Not only is Draymond Green a defender, but he performs the role of a defensive conductor.  He defies traditional positions by guarding everyone from point guards to centers, despite his height of 6 feet 6 inches.  

But his brilliance lies in his mind.  He studies plays, anticipating opponents' moves before they happen. 

Green isn't a lockdown defender on one player; he's a "heat-seeking missile," swarming wherever the danger is.  

He is skilled at switching assignments, making use of his strength to fight down low, and displaying a surprising amount of agility to keep up with guards patrolling the perimeter.   

Think of him as a middle linebacker calling out plays, directing his teammates and anticipating offensive actions. 

He is a defensive anchor due to his high defensive intelligence.  The opponents are hesitant because they are aware that Green may be hiding for a steal or an assist block attempt.  

As a result of his tireless efforts, his teammates are able to play defense with greater freedom, secure in the knowledge that Draymond has their backs.   

The cohesiveness of this defensive team, which Green has orchestrated, has been an essential component in Golden State's consecutive championship runs.  

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