The impact that Draymond Green has had on the NBA's small-ball lineup structure.  

Draymond Green's versatility as a defender and facilitator has helped popularize positionless basketball in the NBA. Teams now value versatility over position due to his power forward defense and attack.

Revolutionizing lineup construction: Green's small-ball center role in the Golden State Warriors' "Death Lineup" changed lineup construction. The Warriors capitalized on mismatches and created offense spacing by trading size for speed and ability.

Green's defensive intensity and basketball IQ have raised small-ball lineup standards. Switch-heavy strategies have been popular in the league due to his ability to switch onto guards and protect the rim despite his size.

Green's willingness to shoot from beyond the arc, while not being a sniper, has helped small-ball teams evolve. Stretching the floor as a non-traditional big man has forced opposing teams to adapt, opening driving lanes and providing scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Green's passing ability as a big man has changed the power forward role in small-ball lineups. Teams play faster and move the ball more efficiently due to his court vision and frontcourt offense.

Small-ball lineups are shaped by Green's leadership and championship success with the Warriors. His loud presence on the court and ability to boost teammates' performance under pressure have set a trend for this type of play.

Change and Innovation: Green's adaptability to the small-ball lineup has inspired other players. His success as a small-ball center has inspired players of all sizes to go beyond traditional roles, making the league more dynamic and fluid.

Green's impact on the NBA's small-ball lineup will last. One of the most prominent players of his time, his contributions have shaped professional and grassroots basketball.  

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