The Mythology and World-Building of the John Wick Universe

At the core of this world is the intricate underworld of assassins, governed by a strict code of conduct and a complex hierarchy. 

Central to this world is the Continental Hotel, an elegant establishment that serves as a neutral territory for assassins. It's here that the rules of their clandestine society are strictly enforced, including the prohibition against killing on Continental grounds.  

The hotel is a symbol of the clandestine society's power and influence, with its own set of rules and a network of resources available to those within the assassin community. 

The High Table, introduced in the second film and expanded upon in subsequent installments, is the ruling body that governs the world of assassins.  

Comprising powerful and enigmatic figures, the High Table establishes the laws and customs that all members of the assassin community must adhere to.  

One of the most intriguing aspects of the "John Wick" universe is the concept of markers. These blood-soaked coins serve as a form of currency and a symbol of debt within the assassin community.  

By accepting a marker, an assassin pledges a blood oath to complete a task requested by the marker's holder, often leading to intense and deadly confrontations. 

The films also delve into the Continental's extensive network of services, including the Sommelier, who assists assassins in selecting the appropriate weaponry for their missions, and the Tailor, who provides custom-made suits with built-in armor and hidden compartments for weapons. 

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