The "Outlander" series and its impact on popular culture and its legions of devoted viewers throughout the globe.  

Global fandom: "Outlander" has a devoted global fandom. The show has garnered viewers from around the world, who join online groups, attend conventions, and discuss the novels and show.

The success of "Outlander" has revived historical romance fiction, drawing new readers and viewers to the genre. Its mix of romance, adventure, and historical drama has rekindled interest in historical fiction.

Tourism Boost: The show has boosted tourism in Scotland, where it is filmed. Fans from around the world visit shooting locations like Doune Castle and Falkland, boosting Scotland's economy and culture.

Fashion, jewelry, and collectibles: "Outlander" has inspired several products. Tartan scarves and replica outfits are popular with fans who want to display their affection for the show.  

Fan art, thoughts, and discussions about "Outlander" are shared on social media. The cast and staff communicate with fans online, building community.  

Impact on Representation: The series is lauded for its wide cast of nationalities, sexualities, and backgrounds. Other shows have followed "Outlander" in discussing media representation and diversity.

Literary and Cultural Impact: Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" books have sold millions and been translated into many languages. Characters and plots have made the series a cultural phenomenon.

Empowering Female Protagonists: "Outlander" follows Claire Randall Fraser, a tough and courageous woman who travels across continents and time. Audiences love Claire's knowledge, courage, and independence, encouraging women and questioning fiction's gender stereotypes.  

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