UFC 303 Press Conferences and Media Events. 

Announcement and Promotion: UFC press conferences are often held to announce upcoming events and promote the fights scheduled to take place. This includes highlighting the main event, co-main event, and other significant matchups on the card. 

Fighter Interviews: Fighters participating in the event may be available for interviews with members of the media during press conferences and media events. This allows journalists to ask questions and gather insights from the athletes about their training camp, preparation, and expectations for the fight. 

Face-Offs: One of the highlights of UFC press conferences is the face-offs between the fighters. This is where the fighters come face-to-face with their opponents for the first time since the fight was announced, often resulting in intense and dramatic moments that generate excitement among fans. 

Media Q&A: UFC press conferences typically include a portion dedicated to a Q&A session with members of the media. This allows journalists to ask questions to UFC executives, fighters, and other key figures involved in the event. 

Promotional Activities: In addition to press conferences, UFC fighters and officials may participate in various promotional activities leading up to the event, including television appearances, radio interviews, and social media engagements to generate buzz and excitement among fans. 

Open Workouts: Some UFC events feature open workouts where fighters showcase their skills and techniques to the media and fans. This provides an opportunity for attendees to see the fighters in action and get a preview of what to expect on fight night. 

Embedded Series: The UFC often releases an "Embedded" series leading up to major events, providing behind-the-scenes footage and insights into the fighters' lives and training camps. This series gives fans a closer look at the preparation and buildup to the fights. 

Overall, UFC press conferences and media events play a crucial role in promoting upcoming events, generating excitement among fans, and providing media coverage and insights into the fighters and matchups involved. 

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