Wiggins discusses his role in Warriors championship runs and matching their style.  

Draymond Green'

Andrew Wiggins' versatility and success inside the Warriors' system have been key to his success on the court. 

The Warriors' brand of unselfish, team-oriented basketball is a good fit for Wiggins because he is prepared to buy into the team's ideology and modify his game to fit in with his teammates. 

The Warriors' defensive identity, an integral part of their championship-contending teams, has been strengthened by his versatility, which allows him to move onto various players, contest shots, and offer help defensively. 

Despite not being the team's go-to scorer, Wiggins has proven his worth to the Warriors with his impressive offensive versatility and scoring prowess. 

In addition to the team's other offensive threats, he can generate his own shot, finish at the hoop, and knock down outside shots, giving them a needed scoring punch.

The Warriors' ball movement and offensive flow have benefited from Wiggins' enhanced decision-making and playmaking, and he has become an integral part of their motion offense. 

Wiggins has shown, during his tenure with the Warriors, a desire to put the team's success ahead of his own personal recognition and an attitude that puts the team first.

A winning culture can be built, and Wiggins' dedication to the Warriors' culture of selflessness, accountability, and championship ambitions is in line with that.  

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