You can only go so far with only one football, DeAndre Hopkins remarked.

Hopkins didn't recall Steve, but he was told they had habits like midnight wake-ups. Inherited some of his tastes. When his mother watched him spooning jelly over fried chicken in the kitchen, she was overcome with emotion.

 "She almost started crying because my dad -- I didn't know this -- he put jelly on everything," he adds. Hopkins adored fashion like Steve, who drove around the neighborhood in shades and a mink coat. 

"He'd wear girls' jeans, and I'd be like, 'How do you walk in those?'" Kesha laughs. "He's always been that guy that didn't care what anybody said about what he was wearing."

Hopkins set an NFL record with 528 receptions in his first six seasons. His 2017 contract extension guaranteed $49 million, a record for a wide receiver.

Their mother worked at an automotive company during the day and as an exotic dancer at night while the children were little. Hopkins used to call Hicks and ask her to teach him to cook for his mother.

It was clear that her younger brother, whose hands grew faster than his torso, had a special skill. “He was completely unstoppable,” Kesha claims.

Hopkins joined a pee wee league at age 8. Other mothers sat on benches while Greenlee rumbled up and down the sideline, yelling at referees. He laughs, "She used to always be right there on the field, every game." 

He wondered whether those individuals were right and he could rewrite his family's story with those big hands. Marcus, his older brother, recalls a night when their mother switched off the TV and the boys lay in bed in silence. 

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